Latent, an application designed to run in the background on mobile computer systems, passively creates and maintains a database of Wi-Fi networks and their physical locations. This geolocation information will help you gain additional intelligence data extracted from mobile devices.


As squad cars are driven on daily patrol, Latent listens for “beacons” from nearby Wi-Fi access points. Latent will check to see if it has that network in its database. If it does not, Latent will add an entry for that network, including that latitude and longitude of the position where it received the strongest signal for that network. If that network is already in the database, Latent will check to see if the current signal is stronger than the existing entry. If it is, Latent will update the latitude and longitude information. Every computer running Latent will upload any database changes to the Latent Cloud, where a master database is maintained for the agency.

Automatically maps Wi-Fi networks in the background

Latent software is installed on existing equipment, such as squad car laptops, allowing for passive mapping of Wi-Fi networks during routine patrolling. With Latent’s cloud database, any number of mobile computers can contribute to the collection process.

Use your existing mobile forensic solution

Use your existing mobile forensic platform to extract data from mobile devices. Very often, information on Wi-Fi networks used by the device, are included in these extractions.

Convert BSSID information to physical locations

Convert the BSSID information extracted from mobile devices to physical locations. In contrast to public sources of geolocation information, Latent tells you who collected the data, how long the network has been in that location, and more.

Place the device at specific locations at specific dates/times

BSSID information is often overlooked as a source of intelligence/evidence. With Latent, these BSSIDs can place the device in specific locations at specific times and indicate locations where the device is frequently used.

Compatible with Oxygen Forensic® & Cellebrite®

Latent is compatible with Oxygen Forensic® Detective, natively, and Cellebrite’s® Physical Analyzer application via a free Python Script. You can also use our web interface to geolocate BSSIDs, if your forensic platform is not supported.


This time-lapse video shows a single vehicle equipped with a mobile computer that is running Latent. As the vehicle drives the streets, Latent identifies new networks and records the location of the strongest signal strength. As the vehicle drives past networks subsequent times, Latent refines the database by logging information that the network is still present in that location and updating the location information, if it receives a stronger signal.

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