Latent technology is only sold to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, both within the United States and internationally. For this reason, online purchasing is not supported. We have included cost and basic information on this page for your convenience. For purchase information, please complete the information request form at the bottom of this page or contact sales@latentwireless.com. We may require certain documentation to fulfill an order.

Hardware required includes one Scout Wi-Fi adapter for each licensed computer and one or more directional antennas per agency.

Pricing Calculator

Latent is licensed using a tiered pricing model on a per computer basis. The table below shows the different tiers.

The “Deployment Calculator” to the right can be used to quickly and easily understand the cost to deploy Latent in your agency.

The full cost for the first year is a combination of the “Latent Software & Cloud Service” licensing fee plus the one-time “Hardware” cost.

Scout Capture Device $40

Each computer running the L8NT client requires a Scout capture device. The Scout connects to your computer system via USB. The Scout device driver is included in the L8NT setup and is designed to meet law enforcement’s specific needs.

Directional Antenna Kit $255

The Directional Antenna Kit comes with a dual-band directional antenna, custom handle, and a USB extension cable. This antenna is intended to be used to perform the final location step after a device is detected. 

Covert Antenna $24

This dual band antenna replaces the standard antenna that is included with the Scout Capture Devices. The antenna enclosure is approximately 2.5″ long and 0.7″ wide. The grommet hole can be used to secure it to an A pillar, laptop mount, or other fixture inside a vehicle.

Antenna Base $17.50

Many installations may benefit from mounting the Scout antenna in a location other than on the Scout device. This antenna base may be mounted on a front or rear dash to position the antenna in an optimal location. This base will connect directly to the Scout adapter.


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